Two years , i HAD ENOUGH
U r a lawyer and u threaten me for two years
I am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALL
I know u r close to the police and law system
But i am not afraid of the TRUTH
This is NOT LOVE
Domestic violence is NOT RIGHT
U left me yesterday morning before i went for my morning operation and said u want to move out n go home
I just came out from emergency operation room for 9 hours and reached Malaysia this morning and u just never leave me alone
Two years u been violence and i kept so quiet because i didnt want people to laugh at me

We broke up yesterday before my surgery u said u wanted to move home and say i treat u like a dog and say i wasn’t understanding and im a bad gf repeating this to me for past one year plus. Put aside how despair i feel about ur repeated slamming n statement making me feel lesser than myself and putting me down all the time. I know u r POWERFUL AND A LAWYER and always find ur way and also threaten me with ur DAD n say u can ask ur dad to KILL ME N MY SIS
But i am not afraid of u anymore because u went too far this time.

Everytime i try to tell u don’t overreact u started throwing things shouting banging wrecking breaking things and starting to beat me up
I tot u got better
Unfortunately i was VERY WRONG

I am gonna live MY LIFE as a normal person like how i used to live before u cane into my life and start wrecking it
U deal and be responsible with ur own actions
I always tell u dont do this n begged but u manipulates and still find ur ways around to come back to me
I kept quiet because i tell myself u r young n i forgive u and let u have ur time to grow n learn
But u have brought this so far
I just escaped death from emergency ward and nine hours later u brought me catastrophe and life threatening scenarios AGAIN
U just grew more violence and slicker

I have nothing to lose anymore
Even if u want to use ur lawyer friends or police friends and i have no one. I WILL MAKE MY VOICE LOUD AND CLEAR.
So that i can stop other woman from domestic violence that i had to go thru.
This is WRONG.
And i am going to finally do something about it

Two years , i HAD ENOUGHU r a lawyer and u threaten me for two yearsI am gonna make this right ONCE AND FOR ALLI know…

Posted by Leng Yein on Thursday, March 22, 2018


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