Diver killed by stingray at underwater world, first case in Singapore


img_4509(Image source: TNP)

Mr philip chan was the senior supervisor of diver at underwater world Singapore.

He was stung by a stingray in his chest yesterday (4 October 2016), while transferring the stingray from its tank.

He was sent to Singapore general hospital (SGH) where where he died of his injuries.

All the transferring activity was suspended when the incident happened.

Dr Tan Heok Hui, 45, an ichthyologist, said: “stingrays that have been in captivity can feel provoked and try to retaliate by stinging when they face stressful situations such as being moved from their tanks.

Dr Tan, an operations officer at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, added: “Stingrays attack when they feel threatened, cornered or alarmed. Sometimes, a stingray might feel threatened when someone accidentally steps on it.


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