Dispatcher-Assisted first Responder assisted paramedic in cardiac arrest @crawford court! THUMB UP!


One of my most shagged Cardiac Arrest case.. Responded together with bro Jeremy Luke Nonis.

All of us had a hard time locating the exact location. Next was the lift being so slow.. Had to climb x number of stairs instead.

Upon arrival, patient collapsed inside the toilet. Thankfully, the wife started CPR and we continued on for about 6mins with our CPR Card, provided by Dispatcher-Assisted first REsponder – DARE. It showed us accurately our compression depth & rate, which actually gave us the assurance that we were doing quality CPR.

Firebiker arrived and shock was advised. 1 shock given. Paramedic arrived and continued on with the protocol. A total of about 5 – 6 shocks were given and we hope that the patient could make it out alive.

Source: FB post by Eugene Seah


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