Dishonest SkillsFuture claims adding up to $2.2m with 4,400 being caught in Jan!


On Feb 24 Skill Future Singapore has announced that 4,400 peopl estimated have been submitting false claims without attending any courses.

Individuals has received letters from the agency to recover the money which amount to about $2.2million.

Though a data analytics system it’s detected that more than two-thirds of the claims were submitted about end Jan.

Skills Future Singapore announced that some personnel have taken advantage of the system to submit falsify claims was unfortunate. As the claims process and course directory was planned to be straightforward and easy on the user.

People who arrange for untruthful info to the organisation can be fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed up to a year.

About 80 such claims were found out each month for the past few months by the amount of false claims posted up by individuals.

Chief Executive Ng Cher Pong said that audits and checks have been stepped up as this is a severe incident of false claims involving Skill Future Credit and monies involved have immediate steps to get it back.


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