A rider ordered JustGrab but refuses to cancel because she has maxed out the two times (free cancellation allowance) and told the driver to cancel instead.

Sounds to me that this rider is a frequent cancellation kind of rider who wastes drivers time by cancelling often. Probably one of those who order grabshare and when seeing the timing of arrival being too long, or when there is another rider to share with, she would conveniently cancel.

Such undesirable riders should be banned from use of the grab app.

Understanding the system:

Drivers running for incentives run the risk of not receiving incentives if they cancel. The system is created that way so that drivers will not abuse the cancellation function. It is there for a reason – so that you can get your ride with minimal cancellation risk.

If you are truly in a hurry and cannot wait for a car that is still dropping someone else, just cancel and write to grab or call the customer service to explain why you had to cancel.

The back to back function is to allow riders to be “guaranteed” a car especially in a peak hour scenario where cabs and cars are scarce.

Cancelling and booking another ride doesn’t ensure you get another ride in a shorter time thus you are better off waiting for the one that you have booked.

I hope that if you have friends who cancel frequently, you can advise them to be more considerate to drivers.

The world doesn’t revolve around them alone.

Credit: A Grab Driver who shared this in Uber and Grab SG Partners Fb group and reproduced with his permission.


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