Nowadays Singapore disco scene have moved from not only just foreign girls but also Singapore girls working.

A netizen send in a photo of a girl he claim that is from a local Thai disco and made more than $40K after her first few months in Singapore. In the past, disco’s would always hire girls that are here on travel visa and work by selling flowers or ladies drink. Some smarter girls even get the ‘boyfriend’ to provide a local address so they would be able to enter Singapore more easily.

Now a days discos get smarter, they apply a entertainer work permit for the girls and make them work here legally. This business is not illegal as this is a mutual trade between the customer and the disco.

Many SG boys hang thousand of flowers a month and get nothing in return. Some do it for ego and wants to be famous in the disco. Nowadays it is common to see Thai girls post photos of them being rich after working in Singapore, Korea, Japan and etc. Now even local girls join in the business because of the amount of money they can earn.

The best part of this it is better than prostitution, the girls don’t even need to offer themselves to earn. They will call you darling or boyfriend and go out and have a meal with you and alot of SG cocksters will buy them diamonds and getting almost nothing in return.

The girls would often be offered a place to stay at a very low price and sometimes.

When the visa or permit finished the girls go home with a pile of cash and the so call SG ‘boyfriend’ will be left and lost. This also applies not only to local guys but also to local girls.

Just my 2 cents after working as a bartender for many years. Hope locals will share this and wake up and use the money for something better like investing in property or buying a dream car.


Thai Girl Showing Off Her “Flower Money” After “chopping” SG and MY Guys



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