Die Die must try new attraction at Sentosa: AJ Hackett!!!


On everyone’s favourite leisure island a new iconic attraction is being constructed that will not only allow you to leap for joy and also off a tower.Singapore’s first-ever 50m tall bungee tower will be placed at Siloso Beach with numerous exciting events being convoyed that will leave the most die-fan of adrenaline junkies licking their lips in eagerness.

 Bungee Jump

Living the yolo lifestyle with more than one way to take a leap of faith off the 50-tall structure.With more than 20 ways to jumps at the AJ Hackett’s bungee jump, it would definitely entice you jump again provided you endure the first one.

Giant Swing

Challenge your friends to a race on the Giant Swing if you’re feeling competitive.

With speed reaching up to 120kmh, this two giant swings side by side can ferry up to 3 person max. You might want to take a break or avoid this ride for the timing being if you just consume a heavy meal. As the probability of doing a merlion on the unsuspecting beach-goers below is pretty much high.

Vertical Skywalk

Calling all James Bond and elite Special Operation Force trooper wannabes to go for this attraction is you want to try to see how is like to descend yourself down from a height of 44m through the beach side shaft of the tower. Roughly the run would last for 5 minutes, with up to 3 people being able to challenge this simultaneously.


Get yourself immerse in the superb overlook of Sentosa by relishing a stroll along the 47m-high bridge.

You be at ease even with bridge being exposed as it does not required harnessing system and it safe to do so. To cater to people of all ages to enjoy their fair share of excitements,

The Skybridge will deliver a less challenging substitute compared to the attractions listed above


Source: https://www.facebook.com/AjHackettSentosa/photos/a.176460565825924.41470.176458902492757/663535450451764/?type=3&theater


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