Today one bro tell me got one western stall open by some ah bengs at hougang. Walao i tot hougang i the only ah beng haha. He told me the chicken chop is to die for. Ok lor try lor, if not nice lim pei chop u ar haha. Jokin la i civilised one.

Wa the stall very easy to spot. If cant see hear also can. Cause they play loud chinese techno music and song. Beh pai leh machiam like cafe or restaurant. Makan still got ‘live band’ performance. Ordered the chicken chop at $6 damage.

Haven eat yet see liao jiu lao nua. U see the thickness of the chicken swimming in the generous sea of gravy, even vegetarian also will tempted. The chicken need no effort to cut. Cause is damn soft and tender. Then something shoot out. Walao i tot is ah beng want to 暗算 lim pei put trap. But turn out is the chicken zap. Tell u man, no chicken can do this unless is fresh chicken. The meat is super tender and juicy that I tink the chicken alone dun need gravy also can own. But the gravy further amplify the greatness of the chicken. Skin is also grilled crispy and slightly chao ta. So those like abit chao ta bbq taste must have this.

The gravy is simply a heaven match with the chicken like romeo and juliet. Gravy has a mild chicken stock taste + buttery flavour and consistency. Not too showy and too heavy to dominate chicken meat taste but just there to support and compliment it. Its just like relationship, mutual respect and support, no one party dominance.

Coleslaw is nicely done also. Crunchy, juicy and fresh. Not too much mayo added so can taste the natural sweetness of cabbage. The fries and beans normal though.

One of the best, decent and down to earth western i eaten. Will come again. Dun be intimitated by ah beng. They actually very nice =) (like me)

Pls click on link below if u like the review:

Address: 5 star corner 805 Hougang Central S530805

Source: FB post by Ah Beng Foodie


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