Desperate Uncle Tried To Slip Happy 5 In Hostess Drink at V5 For Free F…


maxresdefaultLast week was enjoying beer with my friends at V5. This dirty looking uncle was sitting nearby my table alone and a notice the uncle pulled a small piece of plastic. While the hostess was away singing on the stage he teared open the piece of plastic drop something in the hostess’s drink.

The girl returned to the table and the uncle forced the girl to finish the “tainted glass”.

At first I was not bothered about it and carry on enjoying with my friends. I was wrong. 30 mins later, the girl look extremely drowsy and appear to be sleeping on the table. The uncle proceeded to carry the girl. I informed the other girls at the table and said that i saw the men putting something in the drink.

The moment the uncle was questioned he put down the girl and ran towards the lift lobby.

Singaporean or not. If your a girl, please be careful when your drinks are not attended.

(submitted by: chiongster)


A stunning one in 10 individuals expressed they had their drink spiked on a night out.

In any case, the marvel is uncontrollably under-reported because of casualties feeling humiliated or to fault. Regularly when casualties have acknowledged it has happened the substance is never again be available in their system.


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