Dedicated MOE Teacher get penalised over Unreasonable parents



Dear Singapore uncensored,

I was teacher by choice because I like imparting knowledge and nurturing the young one. But sadly due to warning letter that I received due a parent complaints has making me question whether am should I continue on in this line. Perhaps giving up an offer for a corporate trainer in a MNC to teach might be my biggest regret in my life.

All I wanted was to create a better foundation and to break down for the student to better understand what they are learning. I believe that the current learning guidelines would be too rigid and not beneficial to the student. But in the end the parents complained about my unconventional methods.

In the end, I gotten a warning letter from my management and I felt all my intentions was marred. I knew the student won’t have extra help outside school. When the result came out, the student gotten into the choice of his school, the parents came to apologise but the damage is done, my reputation and my appraisal will mark down by the complaint letter.


Miss “Chan”


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