Daylight Robbery, Geylang Ah Beng HP Shop Sell Screen Protector To Bangla For $50



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

It was 11,August 2016 at around 9pm. I was eating with my friends at Geylang and my friend stopped to look at some handphones. There was a Bangla at the shop looking to buy a screen protector for his Iphone 3 or 3GS.

The tattooed shop tender told the Bangla that the screen protector is custom made for his phone because his phone too old and rare. We notice the ah beng pulled out an old box full of screen protectors and took one out and tell the Bangla that it will cost him $50.

Wah day light robbery sia. Wanted take his photo but he keep staring at us. I think he scare we foil his plan and sabo him.



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