DAUGHTER OF BAN HENG MANAGER EXPLAINS “the lady in the photo is also a mom”


Hi Admin of Singapore Uncensored,

Hope you are well. I have been alerted that this article has appeared on your website and would like to kindly request for it to be taken down. I know people are unhappy about services in the restaurant during Mother’s Day and would like to have their unhappiness voiced out, which I understand to some extent.

However, the lady in the photo is also a mom, who is giving up her special day to serve other moms who have made sacrifices in their lives.

This lady gave up her special day to make sure other moms feel the love from their family, while her family has been unable to celebrate with her. I believe service could have been an issue due to the overwhelming crowd, but it is nothing that they staff at Ban Heng would have wished for it to happen as well.

It would be a kind gesture for you to remove this article, and would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks,

Daughter of the Manager of Ban Heng Cathay


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