sammy“I’m starting this thread cause I have found out my hubby has a sammyboy forum account (short for sbf) and in it he has lots of secrets that he has been hiding from me. After a month of checking his sbf accounts and his emails, I have accumulated a detailed record of all his “crimes”. “

Knn, My wife siao lei. She go forum post this garbage just because i got account at sammy boy forum,having an account is fine, it’s like having an account for this forum.

“Why don’t you start by being more faithful to your wife. Or is having “fun” outside of marriage just a trivial matter to you?”

u really shouldn’t assume tat my post is in defence. i do not have an account with Sammyboy, never had to be honest, dun have the link either. the last time i saw the website was in 2000 when car forums were predominant. have never patronised a prostitute either, but i’m sure u’ll be keen to say i’m lying.

u’re kinda weird, u really shouldn’t get married if u think tat way of men. if u married the wrong guy then just move on… dun have to be like those E-mei Sect pple who hate all men.

Have an account there does mean anything… U are pretty that narrow minded female that always assume that guys who go geylang is for the chicken.. and the gal who go there are chicken.. I dun knoe what yr husband has done behind yr back.. but does not mean all the males out there think using their dick.

Submitted by: Charlie Pho


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