Confession: “I Had Sex With My Sister’s Husband”


maxresdefaultLast Sunday night, i was at home watching drama at around 3am when my sister’s husband came home drunk and he grab me and things happen.

They are still staying temporarily with my family due to renovation of their new flat. That Sunday night i could not push him away or stop myself. Deep down i knew i always had a crush on my brother in law. He is charming in a way and i always admired him ever since i set my eyes on him. Knowing that he is my sister’s husband i did not do anything and let it happen. I feel nothing but guilt.

I believe that he mistook me for my sister as we look very alike. My sister is currently away on a business trip for the week.

The next morning he told me that he was sorry and drunk. He started crying and said he did not want this to happen and doesn’t want his marriage with my sister to end this way.

One side of the palm is my sister, other side him…

I really want to take him away. But this will definitely tear the family apart. Sorry but i had to rant it out somewhere… Im only worried now as no protection was worn and things could go real bad if i got pregnant.


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