In response to all the recent media reports made against our company, we are issuing this statement to clarify:

1. Our company did not fake any certification. There has been a circulated “fake certificate” which has been doctored by unknown party from our original copy. We discover such certificate exist sometime in July, and have already made a report against this. These certificate are not doctored by us. The certificate look exactly like our cert but with a bashulanren logo covering our company names and details. All our certificates are actually watermarked with our company name before releasing to any public platforms. We have also made a statement to AVA in regards of this matter yesterday afternoon.

2. Every shipment we imported into Singapore, we submitted the documents and detailed ingredients to whichever declaring agent company that is assigned and then they submit the them to AVA. One of the example email is as sent like the following with a picture of product ingredients attached:

Add on to previous email:

Each box of instant hotpot is USD$2.10 (CHINA YUAN 14/box). Each waybill is 48 boxes hence, USD$100.80.

The ingredient is as follow per box:
A vegetable pack
A vermicelli pack
Base soup made of chili paste & butter
A quail egg pack (3 qty inside)
A beef ham sausage
A sesame oil
A heating pack to warm the ready food

Then a cargo permit is issued to us by AVA and then our cargo will be released from custom and delivery company will proceed delivery to us. This is our usual shipment import process. Our company did not take part in the actual declaring process, we merely submitted the necessary documents to the declaring agent company.

3. Our Facebook post of our permits, is to show our consumers that, our shipment went through proper shipping procedure and not by smuggling.

4. The sales and importation was stopped in August, after AVA personnel did random inspection to our warehouse, and took samples of these said hotpot for testing. We were then being informed that all the hotspots contains both meat and egg content, and this requires China factory to be accessed by AVA in order to be legal import in Singapore. Hence with their instruction, we contacted the main manufacturer in Sept and tried to assist them to arrange the inspection and submitting the documents AVA required for the factory license.

5. The application for china factory was then stopped in late September, due to AVA’s requirement for the china factory to submit some of the documents which the factory thinks that it will be a leaked in their recipe and hence refuse to proceed with the application. And therefore, our company has decided to find another factory – one which is already in the list of “AVA accessed factory” that was listed on their website, and do a new brand and series of hotpot. These said hotpot samples was scheduled to be sent for actual test in AVA approved lab in Singapore by end of this month to get certain test for applying appropriate certification before the mass production.

6. All authorized distributors under our company, are given strict instructions to recall any sealed unconsumed box of hotpot from the public. If you have purchase from us directly, or through any of our distributors previously, please return them to the seller you purchased from & if they are our authorized distributors, they will proceed with the returns and refund. Alternatively, you can contact us for any further enquiries via our Facebook or email us directly: [email protected]

Thank you


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