Company cancel job offer, say manpower number as a reason


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Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Recently, I got bored of my job, where my prospects of moving up the promotional ladder is next to zero. Nothing against the company, I like the staff there, work was ok, just that I don’t think I will ever get away from doing my current admin jobs.

So, I went for an interview in this other company. Prospects there so much better, and I think I aced the interview. A few weeks after the interview, they told me I got the job. So, they offered me the position I wanted, and I went there to sign the letter of appointment with the new company. Next day, I submitted my letter of resignation with previous company.

Felt happy for a while, but one week before I was due to start on my new job, the new company rescinded the job offer. They cited manpower numbers as a reason.

Now, I am going to be jobless, as my resignation date is this Friday. What can I do?

Helpless Jobseeker



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