Cockroach got into house because my PRC Neighbors are filthy!!!



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

My wife and I just moved into a two room apartment near Geylang. We love the place and have done a great job of making it home but there’s one problem. Our neighbors are filthy. Almost every time we come home a number of cockroaches scatter from their doorstep.

I saw them throwing out their couch last week by the dumpster and as I passed by I cringed at the sight of a infestation of roaches swarming the couch as they were carrying to the rubbish disposal area. They didn’t seem to notice of care that roaches were climbing all over them. They refuse any pest control the landlord has offered.

They don’t speak English and I believe they from PRC so that rules out me talking to them about it. How am I able to do anything about it??  I’m understand we can never be 100% pest but not in my kitchen or where I sleep. I’ve taken all the feasible steps on my part and have caulked every hole and crevasse and the only spot roaches are coming in is from the front door from their front door. What can I do about this?

Disgusted One


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