Chinese Garden Not Open. Woman Floating Body In Garden



(Image source: TNP)

The Chinese Garden was shut yesterday evening (4 AUG) after a deteriorated body of a 42-year-old female was discovered gliding close to the shore of Jurong Lake.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) was alarmed at 1.50pm and sent two flame bicycles, a Red Rhino, a flame motor and a rescue vehicle to the scene.

The police cordoned off the White Rainbow Bridge, which permits guests to cross the lake to enter principle attractions, for example, the Garden Courtyard.

A police tent was set up by the shore.

A security watchman, who declined to be named, said he had quite recently had his lunch when he heard a confusion at the scaffold.

He saw a substantial group there and got some answers concerning the body from his boss.

He said: “I was extremely stunned to catch wind of this. I never anticipated that something like this would happen.”


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