Chi Ko Pek, Molester Caught!


Untitled-18An old 77 year old man was caught on last weekend 6th of march. For having itchy hands and touching woman on a public transport.

Molestation occur at 12pm near bus station located at jurong district.

This incident has attracted public bystanders to watch the drama. Old ah pek wanted to touch young flower. Police question the chi ko pek for a few hours.

This incident was reported by the bus driver who stop the vehical and contacted the police.

In Singapore, you cannot be a chi ko pek. The law will make sure your kuku bird will lock in a bird cage for many year and will make sure u kana piak from a nice long whip.

Anyone who is sexually threaten should contact local authorities as soon as possible. Dont be a victim! Call the police if you see something.


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