31-year-old Chen Yu Xi was arrested after she causing a public nuisance with a toy samurai knife at a coffee shop, She even resisted arrest, she was carried into the police car and kicked the head of a female police. She was sentenced to three months ‘ imprisonment and fined $400.
The defendant Chen face charges of public nuisance and the use of force obstructing civil servants from carrying out their duties. The case revealed that at about 7 o’clock last August 31, She had a meeting with a male friend at the coffee shop in block No. 418, Yishun Road,She shared a table with a female diner, when the defendant’s papers dropped on the table, causing the female diners to be dissatisfied.
About 15 minutes later, while the defendant was talking on the phone, she suddenly made noises and the other diners asked her to be quiet. Friends tried to take the defendant away, but the defendant refused, and shouted in English: “I do not want to go anywhere!” , and warned her friends not to touch her.
In the ruckus, the nearby male diners notice that the defendant had a samurai knife on the table, so he made a police report but it was later confirmed that it is just a LED lamp toy shaped like a Samurai knife.
When the police arrived and brought the accused to the foot of the block for questioning, the defendant struggled during the arrest and was suppressed by several policemen. The defendant was later carried to the police car. While the police were trying to put her in the car she continued shouting and reacted violently.
She even provoked the police saying unless the police break her legs, she won’t enter the vehicle.
Police continued to carry the defendant into the car, the defendant stretched her foot against the car door, a female police attempted to move the defendant’s foot into the police car, the defendant took the opportunity to kick her left hand. The female police felt numbness on her hand for a moment, the defendant used this opportunity to headbutt the female officer. Reports said that the female officer felt dizzy after the attack.
The defendant was last sentenced to three months ‘ imprisonment and fined $400.

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