BEWARE of this woman when dealing with her on carousel.

SHE CHANGED HER NAME FROM KHAIRUNNISHA TO SUGARWAVE123(subject to further changes). She told me recently that she would PURCHASE the Sofa that i posted on my carousel when we agreed on bank transfer, then she will arrange movers to collect at my house.

It happened when i wasn’t home and when i came back 2 days later, my mum told me the movers already collected the sofa but NO PAYMENT HAVE STILL BEEN MADE TILL TODAY.. since then i contacted her using the same account but did not reply but when i created a new acc and pretend I wanted to buy an oven she’s selling she replied me instantly. She actually gave me a fake address but coincidentally one of my friend is her neighbour so i manage to find her house. So i went to her house pretending that i was purchasing her oven.

When i reach there i gave my greeting nicely, her daughter open the door, i then asked her if her mom was home and if there was a red sofa in her house, she claimed that the sofa wasnt inside and that no one was home. I then asked if i could enter to check.. I sensed something suspicious when i was talking to the daughter as she keeps looking inside the house while talking to me then i called up the police.

Police arrived shortly and the officer told me that she also called the police saying that me and my friends are loitering outside her house.. as soon as the police got permission to enter the house, the mum, daughter and brother was seen in the house. The police told me that there is a similar sofa in the house but she claims that its hers since long ago and that she threw mine as seen in the photo but kept the cushion and cover set and bare in mind TILL NOW NO PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE.

I would like to urge everyone to be extra careful if you ever deal with her on carousel. #makeitviral #scammer #carouhell



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