Channel News Asia Survey,Most Singaporean Prefer Chinese PM. But something fishy is going on?




Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I find something very disturbing about this news i saw on facebook.

Look the picture above, this is a screenshot of the facebook post.

  1. Who the hell did they survey? Im very sure i did not received any survey.

2000 people that includes Singaporean and PR that’s what they said. But who? when? where? how?

Who are the 2000? how were they selected? Did they select 1999 chinese and 1 other race. etc you think and tell me.  and finally the below…..

Why the F must this be a sponsored news?

Sponsored news means that this particular post was paid to make sure it appears infront of a targeted audience such as Singapore citizens or could also be a particular group of gender.

The only reason this news was sponsored is to spread……….. that the Chinese should be…………..

I dont want to make any accusations tell me what you think!?

News submitted by Boyz Ray Duan

What do you guys think?



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