Dear viewers,

I have been collecting amulets for a few years. 2 years ago, I met my Indonesian Chinese friend and he shared with me about centipede pearls. Being fascinated with supernatural and inexplicable items, I agreed to give it a try. Within 2 to 3 weeks, my luck and wealth have increased tremendously.

For instance, I have won lottery for several times after wearing the pearl. With that, I started researching about these amazingpearls, hoping to acquire more knowledge about them.

Subsequently, I began introducing them to my friends and clients, hoping that the pearls are able to maximize their personal welfare, especially regarding their luck and wealth.
These are rare 100% authentic centipede pearls from Shaman Indonesia forests. They are exceptionally prized commodities in Indonesia, highly popular and sought after due to their varied uses and powers. It is said that the power of the centipede is able to scare even the mightiest of animals.

There is a claim that most people experience a tingly feeling, which feels like a centipede crawling on their skin. I am using it personally and felt the warm and biting sensation.
My pearls are able to clear your negative internal energy, and thereafter boost your luck and wealth. Another benefit will be to improve your interpersonal relationships and social interaction.

These are the strengths of the pearl according to shaman:
– Wards and protection against evil spirits
– Speculative luck.
– Wealth attraction.
– Imbuing the traits of a centipede: speed and ferocity.
– Improves interpersonal relationships with people.
– Improves appearance and aura.
– Repels venomous animals
Some are able to read the thoughts and have influential powers over others.

My pearls are applied with powerful oil from a high master to enhance your benefits.

My recommendation for you to attain utmost boost would be the combination of 2 pearls – Black, which is more rare and seasoned Red. The union of both contrasting energies provides maximum effect.

My clients and friends have various remarkable feedbacks about thepearls, each having distinct progress in their lives.


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