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2 Cats surrendered by their heartless owner!!

“We were almost surrendered to AVA yesterday evening , fortunately it was intervened by auntie Susan that ended up saving us instead.

To our owner:
We had a home since we were kittens, you disappearances hurt us so much. Am we worth this much to you that you surrendered us to the pound. It’s because we’re not cute anymore and you see us as a burden. You had a choice to re-home us, but decided to choose AVA instead.

When auntie Susan asked did you know what would happen to us, if you hand us over to the pound. Your replied ‘YES’ you know we were be ‘PTS’. You just turned around and go home without us, and your two children asking why never bring us home, our tears flowed down to our face.

To the heartless owner:
You surrendered your pets just because you RENOVATION the house, do you think tis right? And you in front of your children to surrender your pets during children day!!! Teaching children to be kind to animals and they will grow up to be kind to ppl!! When you surrendered them because they not cute enough. Remember you’re teaching your children a lesson, later on in life, it could be your ‘TURN’

Calling to all cat lovers:
They only 4yrs old and super friendly, they are indoor cats, would anyone be willing to give them a 2nd chance, l really really got no place for them, If you would like to adopt please kind contact auntie Susan 97669356, if you could, pls help share this post around.As much as you can thank you!!!

Broken promises: Broken hearts 2 Cats surrendered by their heartless owner!!"We were almost surrendered to AVA…

Posted by Susan Lee on Friday, October 5, 2018


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