Netizen sends in a link of a carouseller selling magic love potion known as “Love Spell Magic Potion – “Forget Me Not” – Super Strong”.

What do you guys think? Read the item description below

Master: Archan Kom

1) Lost your love recently?

2) Been secretly admiring somemone?

3) Trying to win back kyour Bf, Gf, Husband or wife who broke up with you?

Look no further. This might be an extremely affordable yet effective solution for you. Cheap does not mean no good or no jalan. This love spell magic potion has been strongly blessed and chanted by Archan Kom for 3 months.

Many people has tried it. This is always a sell out product at our end. Sold to Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan. Ingredients contain all nautral charming plants, seduction oil and many of master’s secret holy materials. No barang material added for this love potion. Effects:

1) Super strong wish granting on hooking the targeted person’s heart and soul

2) Locking of the targeted person’s heart. The target person will never forget you. You will alway be on his mind.

3) Rescue your broken relationshop. Make your ex-BF, Husband think of you.

4) Increase your atractiveness by opposite sex

5) Increase your Metta. Well-liked by everyone.

6) Recover lost debts. For Love Spell Application::

1) Write the person’s name on a piece of red paper and insert it into the love potion.

2) Chant the katha given to you daily. For 12 days, Do not use or apply the oil.

3) On the 13th day, you can apply the oil. I will teach you how to apply this. According to Archan Kom, this love spell potion is very suitable for the following usage:

1) If you have been secreting admiring someone

2) Rescue your relationship

3) For marriages affected by 3rd party The targeted person will fall head over heels with you again. You will always be on their mind. This is a very suitable solution for people who don’t wish to spend huge amount of money to find a master to conduct magic spell.

You can use this potion to chant and do it yourself. After using this love spell, the target person will be always thinking of you. You will always be on his/her mind. Either party will need to seize the opportunity to reignite the relationship or win the new relationship!


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