16665191_10154605777313725_3036424983097479574_o2 weeks before cny, i ordered a supposedly brand new pair of shoes from Allclearlastar (who also owns the blogshop and carousell account pastelstrings, same bank account)

Immediately after payment, she changed the post description from new to used, and sent me a very foul smelling pair of broken shoes on day 3 of CNY!

When confronted, she claimed it was stated in her post that she was selling a used pair. Only then did i realise the editing of the original post (both screenshots below)

I called her out and she stopped responding. Im really curious as to who she is.

After the post went viral, she sent me this “We missed that the condition is being stated as new until u mentioned . Thanks for pointing out and your patience . We will be more cautious about that condition part in future . Thanks !

We will refund then btw . Do leave your bank account details . ( make sure to check thou )
Not liable for if any wrong information provided”

And yes she refunded but she didnt explain the INCLUSION of the word “used” immediately after the money exchanged hands.

Challenge: can anyone identify her?:)

The rest of the photos are here:

feeling alarmed.


FB POST BY: Caramelz Mel‎


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