My Brother (not owner) was offered at accident scene, to be towed at a nearby workshop and then told that owner (me) still can choose whichever workshop i wished to do the car.. but once he is at d “nearby workshop” called Progressive Automotive (PA), they won’t let Blue Frost leave the workshop.. they insist my Brother make a report with them although i haven’t give a final answer where I Wan my car to be repaired at.. 🙄

I called a Friend, owner of SATmotors to help tow Blue Frost to his workshop but PA “close shop” at 7pm although there are still some workers at sight.. they won’t return my Brother the key or bring Blue Frost out of that workshop for us to tow to SATmotors. So my Friend said he will return to take the car the next day..

Next day (Saturday), owner of PA claims that we are required to pay $800 for labour fee and $200 charge for overnight stay at his workshop.. ok…..what?!

My Friend demand to know what kind of labour they do to my car although I did not give any authorisation. They said labour fee includes doing paperwork and his workers had to do overtime.. overtime? But they don’t allow my car to be taken out of the workshop because the workshop have “closed” although there are workers around and we are there ready to take the car away..

My car was there not by choice to stay overnight and they want to charge us $200 for that?! And one paperwork which can be done again anywhere seems like a tedious job that require 20 workers to do and took 20hrs that’s why they charge us $800 for that.. 😑 and oh… plus towing fee $80 therefore PA claims that they will only released my car if we paid them a total of $1080. 👏🏻👏🏻 theives!!! 😠

Drama continues on Saturday morning until 7pm.. in between, my Friend, Brother and Father went to lodge a police report against PA for forcefully holding someone else property.. after making report, they went down to PA again but they still would not released my car.. so I told my family to call police to the scene..

Ok now the prob is, PA was soooo used to doing this dirty trick that they are not intimidated at all with my brothers from the blue.. they still insist we pay $1080 before they released my car.. 2 SGT officers plus an Insp (maybe the TL) and after numerous phone calls between them and IO, bla bla blaaaaa…. at 7.30pm which PA probably closing already, finally they brought my car out.. Blue Frost was then able to be towed to SATmotors after that.. 😓😓

Waste everybody’s time to get at least $1000 even if they couldnt get more from handling the accident case.. yes I know very well.. you take my case, you can earn big bucks by claiming thousands of dollars from insurance company.. but playing dirty and acting like gangster towards customers is a no no… 😡😡

There is no Breech of Agreement for you to hold my car and demand any sort of payment.. this can be a criminal intimidation also!

I apologise to my Father and Brother for not being there as I’m needed for work for the NDP Preview.. it’s a shame I didn’t get to give my own drama to PA.. 😤

Dear road users, please be careful all the time to avoid accidents especially those planned or on purpose.. companies will bug you to take their service at the accident location itself and if you have your own trusted workshop, reject these companies at all cost! You can’t even trust them to repair your car properly because all they are after are the big bucks they can claim from insurance. Don’t forget the idiotic attitudes like gangsters too…

Becareful guys.. 😣 please create this awareness!

Ps: Progressive Automotive got 2 branch.. one is the real shop which seems to have gd reviews.. the other is a scam company that uses the same name and located at Kaki Bukit.. dono how true so beware of this!!

Source: FB post by Khadijah Mahat


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