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It was new year eve and i just broke up with my gf not too long all I wanted to stay in for new year eve to just game and forget her. My “bros” keep pestering me to come out for countdown and not coop myself at home. But damn I thought we serious and things were going well.

But one day out of the blue she told me we she wanted to break up cos we didn’t seems to be going anywhere and all this was done over text! After that she just proceeded to block me on whatapps, facebook and all. Found out from her mutual friend later that her EX has return from the states and was wooing her back all this while and she told me this before that she broken up with him cos he had a long term job posting over there. Sucks to know all this while I was the rebound!!!

2017 will definitely be the most sucky year for me and all I wanted just numb myself till the next year. Much to my surprise, my bros came to under my blk and told me to get ready in 10mins to head out to be happy tonight and they told me if i don’t come down they would leave and they started shouting from down beneath. I relented got myself dress and went down.

To my dismay they actually chose thai disco!!! Not that i have anything against it, i just don’t like the atmosphere over there. Oh well beggers can’t be choosers can’t they? The standard SOP we ordered drinks and the girls came to talk to us but I wasn’t interested at all. So i whipped out my hp and started playing pokemon GO, ahh memories the game me and my ex had the most fun together cycling from spots to spots battling gym. And naming the pokemon cute and funny name. I was grinning like a idiot to myself yet on the other hand my heart hurt like hell.

It was at that moment my bro tapped my shoulder and told me with a smile eh bro you want to game go home lah! I just ignored him thinking he was high liao but the second time he stood up and walked to me saying i was an embarrassment by not entertaining the ladies . Blood started rushing to my head but i told myself to be cool about it and i said okay finished my drink and told a cab home. Where the bro code man I just feeling down is those girls more important than me??

Raymond Sze



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