Boyfriend say it’s normal to hug so call “sister” and text her everyday


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My boyfriend and I have been together for the past 4+ years and throughout this entire relationship, he has been texting this girl everyday, hanging in the same clique, sending memes to each other, showing each other provocative pictures, her hugging him and taking cute pics tgt.

This girl is his “best” friend of 7 years, and apparently they’ve been through a lot. While I do not control his friendships and he can do whatever he likes, this girl triggers me so much and so often because they’re often too close for comfort and to me, they constantly cross the line between friendship and love. This girl has also never liked me since day 1, which I find fishy because I never did anything to her.

I’ve spoken to him about this but he is not willing to REDUCE contact with her e.g. not text everyday, not watching movies alone tgt, because he claims it is purely platonic and he has known her longer than me, and does not want to lose his friend. He sees her as his sister, and constantly makes comparisons between them vs. me and my blood brother.

All I am asking for is a reduction in contact and not to be so chummy with one another, and provide me with some form of security rather than constant suspicion. I know he loves me and does not feel anything for her, but I cannot stand the fact that he’s constantly in contact with another female while being tgt with me.

All I want to know if I am overexaggerating and what I should do? Things are at a stalemate right now with him unwilling to reduce contact with her and me being unable to accept their relationship.

Should I still continue this relationship while he texts her till the day we get married and have kids?

By Sad NUS Girl




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