Boyfriend found his girlfriend panties in his friend room


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Dear Editor,

I felt betrayed by my best friend! He sleep my girlfriend behind my back!!

I went to my friend house for a gathering together with my girlfriend at his place in Hougang. We were drinking and i got drunk quickly as i am not good at drinking games. I fall asleep in the living room after that.

I woke up in the morning and saw my girlfriend sleeping on the sofa. I went to my friend room to wake him up as i wanted to have breakfast. When i open the room door, i saw my friend sleeping naked in the room and i saw my girlfriends panties on the ground next to his bed. I was furious and punched him in the face.

He scream and pushed me away, my girlfriend rush into the room and stop the fight. My friend admitted that he slept with my girlfriend and she love him more then me. I was furious and slapped my girlfriend before i left.

who can i trust now that even my best friend and girlfriend can betray me…

-Cheated boyfriend-


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