Boy beaten at staircase but parent say let’s stay calm



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Now so many asking for the boys to be punished severely by Police. The boys that they claim from St Andrew’s school whack this alone Indian boy until very jialat.

As a parent, it’s both heart pain to see your own son being beaten up and beating people up. Very disappointed. Sometimes, even if u kena whack by people, it might also mean you have problem.

All the internet comments not helping. Sometimes it is making things worse. Because the school and authorities feel very pressured to act.

I agree with those who say cannot suka suka call police, like in the previous incident where students take upskirt video of teacher.

I think let’s stay calm and let the authorities do their checks and investigations. Let’s try to be more understanding to our youths, it’s not easy to grow up. It can be painful.

By Jasmine Lim


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