Borrow Money To Marry Thai Wife, But Ran Away Without Returning!!!!!



Beware of this guy name Calvin Leow Last known address at Serangoon north ave 4 Last seen at Ghim Moh link.

With Wife and kids Going Friend to Friend seeking loans Seek partnership do business Is a pack of lies.
When withdraw partner ship Never return the share back.
And the profit to Seek loan go Thailand marry a Thai lady End up also never return money back Able have kids He is ex offender of CBT In short A leopard will never change its spot Now he is uncontactable & unreachable He can run but he can’t hide forever.
Agree allow him repayment by monthly installment End up went MIA Last seen and hear from him 03 August 2016

Last active on face book on 14 October 2016

Submitted By Ivan Lim Via FB Message


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