Borrow Money F*uck Geylang Crystal Disco Prostitute No Return



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

This F*cker on the right Raymond teo li guan borrow $400 from me 3 months ago to enjoy this girl from geylang.

It started out as a drinking session at Geylang crystal disco on a friday night where everyone pay their part for the share of the beer and was enjoying the drinks. It was until Raymond got drunk and said that he want to have a night with the girl at the bar.

He started negotiating with the girl and told me that it would cost a few hundred dollars as he was very “hungry” and prefer overnight with the girl. He told me if it was possible to borrow him $500 and he will return at month end during salary. I told him that i do not have that much and he said “how about $400?”.

I reluctantly agreed and took the money and went off. That was the last time i seen him. A friend that i know for almost 10 years disappeared on me after not returning the money. Initially i was worried that something has happened. He blocked me on facebook and block my phone number.

Friend is nothing when it comes to money. The word brother is too commonly used in clubs and night joints.

Sometimes it’s better to just tell yourself that this friendship is only worth $400 and that is the price tag on that person.

Submitted by: Li Teng


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