Bo Chap Supervisor Causes death of colleague at workplace!



Ngoi Chee Kin, 33 caused the death of material handler Teong Kok Wee’s death by transporting the colleague on his reach truck which were never meant for passenger’s transportation. It was an act that violated the work health safety act in the company.

Ngoi, as a supervisor at XPO logistics worldwide perpetrate the offence on March 24,2014 at Pandan Avenue warehouse.

At around 6.40pm, Ngoi requested Teong 28, to pick item for the next day delivery. Teong then requested he stand on the reach truck to do so. Even though the Ngoi was that this would endanger his colleague’s life he didn’t rejected the request.

Ngoi fork the wooden pallet while Teong sat on it to retrieve the item between the height of 2m and 4m. After the job was finished, Ngoi retracted the mast of his truck unfortunately the deceased fell off the pallet with the head landing first on the ground.


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