So today, im taking out my courage to pen this down. Please scroll on if you don’t wish to read my lengthy and boring post. I’ve been in a toxic relationship with this guy, named Edwin Low XXX XXX, for the past 4+ years (from 2011, tho there’s a numerous of pauses in between). Like in every other relationship. There are the good moments and also the bad one. I had my fair share of the bad ones.

During our relationship together, he would scold, hit and choke me whenever we quarrel. Not only that, he also throw my phone on the floor(screen crack thrice), punch a hole in my wardrobe, make a huge dent at my shoe rack, throw all my things on the floor and spoil alot of my things (makeup,portable…etc) Whenever he’s unhappy he would confiscate my phone and take away my house key so i wont be able to go out of my house.

Other than being violent in this relationship. He also tried to physco me to pay most of the things for him. (car tires, brakes, shirt, jeans, shoes, food, perfume, etc..)

He would say things like,

“I do not have enough this month could you pay for me first”

“I bought you ur birthday gift for this year, where is my birthday gift for the last year and last last year?”

“I do not have enough cash on hand, could u pay for me first, i will return you when i get my pay. I don’t want to use my bank account money.”

After i ‘helped’ him paid for his stuff, he never once return the money back to me.

s not all.

He has been constantly asking me this,

“Are you going to leave me?”

“My parent construction company might close/bankrupt anytime.”

“Are you going to help me if one day I had nothing left?”

And yes one fine day….he wanted a loan of 10k in behalf of his mom because his parents construction company don’t have enough cash to pay for one of the worker’s(his uncle) hospital bills.

The dumb and naive me, agreed to lend it to him and his mom. Till today, the mom deny of lending money from me. And the 小白脸 just went missing.
Other than this 10k loan. He also lend another 13k to buy a car that was supposedly mine. Firstly, we agreed that the insurance will either be under my name or my dad’s name.

But on that day when we went down to apply for insurance, he keep on saying how expensive it is to put under my dad/ my name when they haven even quote us the price yet!!!!! So he just make his own decision to use his own name for the insurance and he paid for it. But also at the same time, assure that the car will be mine even tho its under his name.

Ok Long story short…. yup… after all these, he went missing till now. I cant get back my $ nor my car.

23k (SGD) to some of you might be nothing. But its my hard earn money from all the part time jobs (It is not easy and tiring) and part of the money is left for me from my late grandma to help me with my uni school fees(i didnt continue with my uni). Imagine your hard earn money just gone like that. I doubt anyone can feel me.

// Edwin Low, do you enjoy using my money & car and go around showing everyone and saying it’s yours? Do you enjoy badmouthing me and act like a saint in front of your friends? I sincerely hope you get your karma soon. Money can earn back but at least I’ve seen who you really are. And I’m pretty sure that this isn’t your first time taking girls money!

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