PLEASE HELP TO SHARE and let this be a lesson to all parents to who your child make friends with on FACEBOOK. This guy Muhammad Al Faqih who befriended my younger sister who is 19 years old and who is of low IQ took advantage of her condition and kindness for his own selfish benefit.

This cunning lowlife scum befriended my sister, ask her to sign up a plan for him, sold the phone (Samsung S7) and claim the shop took it for $300 #BULLSHIT, and gave my sister $150 as a good gesture and now refuse to pay the bill and the penalties up to $800 plus that incur with it. His Aunty by the Facebook name Syhaliana Barton refuse to let his nephew pay and can blame its my sister fault for signing the contract and his nephew did nothing wrong.

(The video attracted is the time we get him to come over to explain. its not clear but you can hear he saying he just started a job few days ago and will pay the bill, but his own bill he cant pay. Has never hold a permanent job but want to pay the bill for 2 years?)

He had ask my sister for help where he need to help out some financial support to his family. But never clearly explain to my sister what was her role in it.

He had ask my sister to meet up with him, and to follow his female Chinese friend who my sister dosent know, to go to a Starhub shop in Punggol Waterway as he need to go back to work.

He had ask them to sign up a phone plan for him in my sister name. As of my sister condition, she dosent know the concept of contract and plans, and not knowing that she will be tied down to a contract and panties for 2 years.

When the Starhub sales person explain to my sister, she dosent understand what the sales person explaining to her, so she called muhammad al faqih, and he tell the sales person over the phone to get a phone plan for Samsung S7 and let my sister sign for it.

Yes im surpise the sales person allow it to be done that way.

My sister sign the contract unknowingly she is responsible to all the penalties as the sales person only talk to this Faqih over the phone.

Police Report had been made and Starhub is investigating this matter.

Source: FB post by Rye Han 


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