Hi there,

i am a frequent visitor to Compass ONE shopping mall at SengKang mrt and i am writing to alert everyone about this very dangerous man spotted in the toilet of compass one, especially at the toilet beside the okinawa hair salon that is also located right opposite of subway.

This man was seen by me for more than once, and he will always be at the standing cubicle inside the said toilet pretending to pee for very long time and DIRECTLY LOOK AT THE PRIVATE PART OF ANY YOUNG GUYS taking a leak near him! I even once saw him staring at the private part of a teenage boy who is underage! I saw him doing this more than once already and on the second time i spotted him in toilet trying to stare at me, i immediately went out of the toilet to call the SengKang police.

I have even spotted him trying to hang around that toilet area and i secretly took a photo of his back view (attached in this email) as he seems to notice that something is not right and hastily trying to walk away. He is very recognisable with his hair always tied up into a mini bunch and his tied up hair is golden in colour while the rest of his hair is black. He looks around 40 plus years old.

He is very slim and always carry a sling bag, wearing a grey tshirt and black short. I have submitted his backview photo to SengKang police already. Hence i hope to bring this to your attention because it is extremely dangerous for kids and teens who visited the toilet without knowing that someone so dangerous is around.


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