BEWARE! Pervert Rub His Groin Against Woman AT YISHUN MRT(VIDEO)


Ladies,pls b aware of this motherf****R..frm yishun to sembawang this guy took advantage of me,,he get in at yishun mrt n straight away stand behind my back while talking to his fren,that i could even feel his breath juz right at my left ears,

till 1 moment i felt his groin touches my bum thats when i shouted loud at him n he move,while many other passengers were looking.

The drama nvr ends there,he followed me all the way n i hv to juz stand and stare at him while he purposely using n talking on his phone.Thats when i took out my hp n start to record.He followed me again to the opposite bus stop thats when he realised that am taking his pic,he turn n run away.Am not afraid of these motherfucker coz am think i can handle these shit with my own hands but i juz want to make viral so that ladies out there BE AWARE of these f*cking ****** NATIONAL whenever ur in the bz train,make sure to raised yr voice n make other people know,b aware of yr surroundings.DUN KEEP YR MOUTH SHUT COZ UR AFRAID.


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