One of the hot topic of the week is about a lady breastfeeding her child in the mrt. Let me share my encounter from last evening that involves breast and trains.

Background info: estimated 1910hrs at Jurong East Mrt platform

I alighted the east-west train at Jurong East to walk over to the north-south train. While walking, this scumbag india guy who was walking in front of me stopped abruptly. I managed to stop in time and avoided knocking into him. I didnt think too much. Before the people behind me start ‘tsk-ing’ me, i continued to walk. That bloody scumbag asshole turned to his right and walked towards the escalator. No big deal, right? WRONG!!! That piece of shit “threw” himself on me sideways, with his arm resting on my body and rubbed his arm against my chest region as he walked to the escalator.

I couldnt move or think. I quickly regained my senses and proceed to join the queue. It was then my mind processed the incident. I turned to find the scumbag. He was going down the escalator while looking at me with a stupid smirk on his face.

I am angry! I am upset with myself for not responding immediately.

My purpose of this post to ask my fellow ladies, have you gone through similar experiences? What did you do? Were the authorities able to help you? Is there anything we can do to prevent/ reduce such occurences?

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