This guy named Gilbert Ong added me on Facebook and I saw that there’s mutual friend, hence accepted the friend request. He then asked for my WhatsApp (his contact number is at +1(816)6957420) and there goes the conversation as shown in the screenshots. (I only took those that is showing information where his “scam” conversations started)

By the way, he shared that he’s from Texas, US, an American born Chinese. (These information were also written on his fb page with a profile photo of his face where it looks like a normal active fb profile). He’s working as a Petroleum Engineer, offshore. His photo (dunno if is genuine) was up on his fb page previously but it has been deactivated since then. Hence I could not capture a screenshot of his photo and profile information.

This case happened last week and I was waiting for them to reply me but soon enough his fb profile was not “activated” till today. His WhatsApp profile picture is gone. And both himself and the “courier” didn’t reply me after I asked for the consignment number of the parcel he mentioned.

I didn’t call up the number (Courier WhatsApp contact at +6582040021) but instead, I called into the TNT EXT Courier Service (Google Search) and the customer service representative asked me to check for the consignment number so that they can track the parcel for me.

Will call up and inform the genuine courier company to alert them about this case.

PS. This is the first time I received such a request. Would like to share and alert everyone about this type of scam cases that might reach you in the future.

Do NOT be fooled by them and please report the case to the necessary authorities if you do encounter such cases.

Do share this around so that you can prevent others from being cheated from such scams, especially if they ask you to pay for something even if the amount is very small.

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