This is going to be a long post about my last trip to bangkok.

Everything was fine until i check in at don muang airport to return back to singapore.
I have always travelled with Scoot whenever i go to BKK.
This is my first time experiencing this:

My friends and me (4 pax) went to the check in counter. They seperate us into 2 groups. I know we have alot of luggage but we have weigh them at the hotel so we will not exceed the allowance we have bought during the booking. End up at my counter, this lady who assisted us say that I have exceeded my luggage allowance by 8kg. Pior to that she made me carry my luggage up and down the belt and trying to make us confused. But i clearly saw that my baggage is only 35kg. I tried to put some of my stuff to handcarry but she didnt allow me to do so. End up i gave up and ask her how much do i have to pay for the “8kg” she wrote down on a fake boarding pass 8kg/2000baht. So me and my friends gathered all our remaining cash to pay for it, end up she just shook her head tell me it’s ok. At that point of time we keep thanking her. End up, she hold on to our passport made sure we check in our lugagge, brought us to a corner and ask us for money in exchange for our passport. After giving her the money she put it straight into her bag. This is when we realised we have been scammed!!!!! The lady in the picture is the staff that took money from us, we managed to take a picture of her at the boarding gate.

Beware of this people when you go to don muang airport.
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