My super close encounter with 🐒 monkey!

Yesterday, I started off with shock and surprise to have monkey at my estate. I was joking around got funny “Monkey business” happening.
Not till only when I witness how this monkey snatch people bottle, food, drinks and near attack to some children (without the kids or adults provoking or playing with the monkey), and how this monkey can climb so fast upwards almost enter resident’s house.

Thats scary!

Although I have quit and left RC for good, I still feel is our Community effort and duty to help one another. Called AVA, ACRES, Town Council, Police to alert respectives with photos and videos. Also thankfully, a buddy, Midsean Tan, still in RC was at home. Came down and we run to tell residents close windows and help to ask people stay clear from monkey, together with my wife as well. O well, my wife is still unwell. Hahahaha.

This monkey smart. After called, it escape away and cross bridge to go other estate.

Today, same timing around 5pm, it returns again. This time, climb higher, move faster and even scratch a child’s leg. I even ensure the boy’s safety and make sure accompany him to lift and ask him go home.

I shouted my lungs to ask residents to close windows, even get shouted back why should they close. Hmm. Thankfully another resident shout back got stray monkey. I truly lost my voice since my throat also not very well

Again, alert all agencies, this time AVA came in time to meet the monkey. Monkey smart! Smell or know this guy is from AVA. It climb high up and wait. When got chance, it sneak off and cross bridge again to other estate.

Hmm. Will monkey be back tomorrow?

It is safe that especially when not at home, do close windows, as we do not know who and what will try to come in. And alert fellow neighbors, showing some community spirit to help one another when even small issues like this happen.

The MOST important is:
– Do NOT feed Monkey
– Do NOT engage Monkey
– Do NOT provoke Monkey
– Walk Fast away and maintain eye contact with Monkey
– Do NOT run away from Monkey
– Keep a safe distance away from Monkey
– Carry the child and move to safe distance. Do NOT carry child over Shoulder in case unable to balance
– Should Monkey become aggressive, contact the following:
AVA at 18004761600 and ACRES at 68929821

Sharing some love, some care, some concern, showing the Community spirit, unifying the Community.

Only this way, we can built a cohesive environment, where love is everywhere and anytime.


Source: FB post by Joseph Tan


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