Please share! This scam has come to Singapore and my BF has told me when we walked past Chinatown last weekend. His brother send him a video (taken at yuhua market) telling him later at the very end, dunno what tactics he use.. Everyone near him will take out their wallets and raise it high up on their self accord and take out money and wave in the air. Wow, I was curious to watch till the end.. I was amazed.. even u go for meetings or some bonding events, you will not get the full force energy to answer back, but this.. They managed to get everyone to answer in one uniform voice, very loudly back to his every questions. I spent a good 30mins at a far spot watching him talk in Cantonese, these scammers are from hongkong, altho they have legit company website etc, pls beware, their selling methods is unclear and out to prey on elderly, esp making use of ppl who 贪小便宜 as they start to gather crowd by giving out free gifts (pls do not take it) then through a good 25 mins, he kept mentioning the word “Free”, and he keep moving his eyes so close to the ppl on the first row (btw, that action is kinda scary), and keep asking the crowd to look at him.

Then nearing 20mins, he pack a few items in a plastic bag and say it is a goodie bag free for them, when he talk nearing the end, he kept taking out the item from the plastic bag again and show it to the crowd so near to their face then put back into the plastic bag, repeated this for at least 5 times. Then the wow thing I’ve been waiting for came.. dunno what sorcery he used, at the very end, he asked ppl to take out their wallets and raise high up w their hands, followed by taking out two $50 notes which equates to $100 and say will have change and that he is only taking a small small amount from them as they are doing goodwill or smth along the line. I’ve never seen such a collected voice and that surge of energy and they can make them 自愿take out their wallets and money without realizing they need to pay for a goodie bag which the scammers had mentioned it’s FREE. Whatever they ask, they will answer back very loudly “YES” and “WANT”.

Their intention is unclear, kept saying today 做宣传活动, so goodwill give freebies. Some of the audience are suspected to be their own people acting as Enthu “customers” to garner others to do the same. If u are doing marketing 推销 for ur company’s products, I’ve nothing to say. U have to watch it yourselves, like some 催眠把戏, please warn ur mum n dad as they moved around market neighborhoods, so far I know n heard is woodlands, teck whye, redhill, Toa payoh, yuhua market, ang mo kio, bukit panjang, serangoon north, hougang north, Bishan, Simei, AMK, Bedok, jurong west market, punggol, boon keng, bendemeer, yew tee, clementi, bugis. I talked to my mum about it and she say she know, at our market she saw and she was puzzled why ppl raised their wallets high up. 😡Please kindly pass around. Remember there’s no free lunch in the world, I can’t stand ppl using these unscrupulous and despicable methods to earn money, really.

source: Fb post by Karen Ong


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