WARNING: I was walking my dogs this afternoon around my estate car park when I stepped on something sharp. A 2″ long screw had pierced right through my sandal and about 1cm into the sole of my left foot. In pain and before I realized what had happened, I ripped off my sandal together with the screw. Needless to say, there was a lot of blood…

Luckily 2 men who were staying in one of the ground floor flats heard my cries and came to help. Upon closer inspection, we found that the screw was deliberately inserted into a lemon peel and there were more scattered nearby on the road and some in the grass. Altogether we found about 10 of them nearby. These have obviously been placed in such a way as to puncture car tyres but it is also extremely dangerous as people can step on them! There are a lot of families in the area and lots of children walk by as well. There is a children’s playground just 10m or so away for crying out loud!

The screw didn’t look rusty at least but I’m on my way to the doctors now for a shot. I’ll be making a police report later once I’m stitched up, though I doubt they’ll be able to catch the asshole who did this…

Just to let everyone know that there are all kinds of bastards in this world so take care of yourself and your kids and watch where you step… I’m in considerable pain, but otherwise fine for now.

This happened at 12.55pm, 30 July 2017, in front of block 113 TOA PAYOH LORONG 1, just along the service road in front of the lift lobby.

I got a Tetanus shot, some antibiotics, pain killers and a 3 day MC (not that I’ll be able to not go to work lol… the cakes must go on…). A police report has been made and they are investigating.

Unfortunately the cctvs in the area only covered the stairwells and lift lobby and not the service road. Meanwhile they have said they will step up patrols in the area and be on the look out for more of such things. I encourage anyone who lives or is in the area to be vigilant and make a police report if you see anything similar.

Mr Ang



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