Beware Dutch Lady packet milk turn sour


I suggest everyone to cut open all dutch lady milk before giving to kids.. I bought from shen shiong and i gave a packet to my girl. She then spit out and say ee ee. Then i tought of pouring into the milk bottle for her. Then i realise the strawberry milk is white and when i smell it. Omg is smelly and kind of sour smell. I called dutch lady CSO and a lady said the in charge of dutch lady was not around and leave contact. And i was asked not to throw away the spoilt milk. And dutch lady incharge will call me back asap. It been like 3 weeks and they have not contact me and update anything. And that packet of milk still sit there stink as hell. And i just threw it away. So dear parents please cut open packet milk before giving to kids Dutch Lady Singapore

Facebook post by Cherie Koh


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