A netizen checked into Cherryloft chalet 2 days ago, but little did she expect that her young child would end up getting scalded by boiling hot water spewing out a dislodged shower head in the bathroom!

The incident took place on 5 September 2017 at about 4.50PM, when the family had checked into the chalet and just returned from a swim.
When the family’s 9 year-old daughter went to take a bath, her parents were distressed to hear the little girl screaming from the bathroom after a while. They rushed in and saw that the little girl had been badly scalded by a showerhead that had been disconnected from the hose.
The girl was rushed to the nearest 24 hour clinic where a doctor treated the girl for 1st degree burns and told them to take care of the wounds or they would get infected.
I have checked in to cherryloft chalet on the 5th Sep 2017.
When asked what had happened in the shower, the girl said that she was bathing halfway when the hose dislodged from the showerhead and hot water sprayed out of the hose, which caused her to scream in pain.
When the family returned to the chalet management and demanded an explanation, the duty manager could not answer their queries so the family sought out a senior manager named Mr Joel Teh. When asked to bear responsibility for the incident, Mr Teh allegedly told them that as he was not present in the room when the incident happened, he could not be sure if someone had not tampered with the showerhead before the incident. If so, this would excuse the management from any blame for failing to ensure their shower facilities were in proper working order.
The family were extremely unhappy with the manager’s response, and alleged that they have since posted a negative review of the chalet only for their review to be removed off the chalet’s Facebook!
The mother of the scalded child, who wanted to be known as Mrs Angry, wrote: “I find that as a senior management, this is not how you show concern since this incident happened in your chalet. As a Singaporean, I feel ashamed on how a senior management manage and push their responsibility.. I have no more confidence in cherryloft chalet and immediately check out early morning the next day.. 6 nights stay become only 1 night stay. Regarding the medical claim, the management will send their insurance company to investigate whether it was justifiable to reimburse back the medical bills.”


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