Be Grateful To Your Mac delivery Guy. Stingy Guy 5 Cents Also Want Take


mcdelivery-rider-singapore_1Hi Singapore Uncensored,

I have a close friend that works as a Mcdelivery rider. They get a bare minimum of few dollars a trip and most of them work day and night rain or shine for your food to be delivered.

Sometimes giving a few cents of change to the rider as tips could really make their day a bit better. But sometimes and most of the times people are stingy.

“The guy that stay landed property stand there and waited 5mins for me to find 5 cents for him. I did not have the 5 cents and give him the 10 cents instead.”

There was a incident at Bukit Timah area where the customer waited so long just for the rider to dig out 5 cents to return to him. Come on it’s only 5 cents. I know the change its yours and you have every right to take back the 5 cents. Am i right to say the more rich the more stingy?


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