Be careful If Your Ever Detain By Malaysian Immigration. A Thai Woman Got Raped By Law Enforcers


What was meant to be a normal evening at work turned into a night of sexual harassment for one poor lady. On March 7, 2017, a 32-year-old Thai woman was unfortunately raped by an immigration officer!

The lady worked as a masseuse in a massage center in Malacca, and her younger 28-year-old sister and a friend had decided to pay her a visit that night, New Straits Time reported.

However, the immigration department suddenly raided the center at about 11PM, and things took a horrible turn. The two sisters and three other female workers were rounded up by the officers and was brought to the Machap Umboo immigration depot located in Alor Gajah the next day.

It was at this detention center when one of the horrid immigration officer sexually harassed the pitiful woman. In a press conference, the sister told the press about the terrible incident that took place. She said, “We each had our statements recorded separately. My sister was the first to enter the questioning room. She spent about 15 minutes in there. When she came out, she appeared furious.

“When I asked her why, she told me that she had been sexually assaulted.” Apparently, the shameless officer had demanded a massage from the

Thai lady and then forced her to give him oral sex and raped her without a condom!

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