Bankrupt Man Scamming Insurance Agents For Free Taxi Rides And Petty Cash


Sad to say, there is another new victim 🙁

” Hi all, let me share my story over here. Unfortunately, I chance upon this facebook page real late. I wish I have done my research earlier and perhaps all this could have been prevented. My story is very similar to the previous story posted here, just that this time, it involved 2 of his accomplices.

I am an agent from one of the insurance company, on December 2016 that scammer walked in to my office as a potential client stating he was interested in certain plans. He left his name and contact number and left hurriedly, as usual, in order to follow up, a second meet up is needed.

During the second meet up, that scammer claimed to have left his wallet on the cab when he was on his way to meet me. Thus, he went ahead to sign his policy without his IC. He then borrowed money from me saying that he needed to cab down to Comfort Delgro and rush to his own appointment after that. Out of goodwill, I lend him money.

There was a few more meetup subsequently because there were some changes in the quotations and I needed him to re-sign the policy.(his tactics) All this while, he was dragging and lying to me he will send me a soft copy of his IC once he makes a new one. Excuses such as he would like me to adjust the quotations or even gave me the wrong credit card number for the payment details. I thought It was alright since he is quite keen and steady in meeting me. But I was so wrong… His policy was never submitted as the IC was pending..

In between, that scammer told me that his sister would like to get a policy too and will be flying back to Singapore . This was the third appointment, together with is sister and him. I rushed down from my office to the airport on the same day. As usual, we proceeded to sign everything and 1 or 2 days later, he called me saying that his sister do not want to proceed anymore.
His sister name is Goh Lay Hong (or maybe known as sally). Her IC is Sxx44337B, hand phone number is x344 9160.
A few days later, he “referred” his “friend” to me to buy policy. Again, with short notice, I went down to meet both that that scammer and his friend. Similarly, his friend bought a policy with me but the payment was never in. It was only until this week (Jan 2017) that I went to check and realized about it. His name is Rajendren(or known as Jacob), an Indian PRC. His IC is sXX39540Z, handphone number is x470 4117.When I called him, he do not seems to remember he bought a policy from me. I told him I met him together with that scammer (I referred him as mr Sim kian sing)at which place which date but ironically he was like “who was it? Jo? Sam?” (Not sure if the Sam he was referring is the Samuel posted on the previous story) And like really?? So many people are referring agents for you to buy insurance? Weirdly, he actually asked me to ask that scammer to call him so the 3 of us can meet again. Of course I said no! I really do not see any point. It was also at this point, I found out that the line that the scammer was using could no longer get through. His number was xxxx 9575. I then withdrew his policy that was pending and stuck in my system for the longest time.

That scammer also mentioned to me regarding his 4 children. His tactics are rather similar. Please beware of such annoying piece of shit! All these while, he has been trying to squeeze my money and every appointment with him was nothing but stress.
In conclusion, no deal went through at all. All appointments (probably 4-6 times) were futile.

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