Normally I would have to say yes..but I just had a very unpleasant experience at ntuc fair price .

I bought 2 cartons of milk and wanted to pay using Brunei dollars but is rejected by the staff as the automated cash register do not accept it.

I ask if there is any counter that does not use the auto system and can accept my Brunei dollars…was told by the staff that no and I should look for other small shops or outlets that may accept it.

Or just dun accept Brunei dollars at the first place for my taxi fare….

Question is …if the biggest supermarket chain in Singapore dun accept can I expect small shops to accept it

We have being told by the government to accept Brunei dollars yet it is so inconvenient for us..

.should I boycott Brunei dollars and risk being complaint to the government boards..?

Just feeling annoyed and need some advice from follow drivers

Thanks and drive safePs..i have being rejected few times using these notes by food stalls and small retailors and have being holding on to these for the past 2 weeks…never expected ntuc to be the same as the rest

According MAS, if you face any difficulty using Brunei currency in Singapore, you may inform MAS by sending them an email at [email protected] or calling them at (65) 6225-5577 with the following details:

1) Name of Company (full address);

2) Date and time of the incident; and

3) Details of the purchase and what was said by the retailers.


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